Introducing CSEPR

Centre for Socio- Economic and Political Research (CSEPR) is an autonomous, multidisciplinary social, economic and political research institute. CSEPR is a nationally registered independent research institute. It is a non-partisan, non-political and non-profit organization working with the mission to conduct rigorous grassroots and untouched social, economic and political research in an innovative way for the benefit of society. We create high impact knowledge to catalyze efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in the public domain.

CSEPR is committed to undertake socio- economic research in different sectors that includes agriculture, rural development, livelihood, health, education and WASH with a view to strengthen social and economic research. CSEPR political research on politics and government seeks to strengthen elected bodies and local administration by providing independent and non-partisan research support and engagement across party on policy making process. CSEPR works on enhancing legal awareness and free legal aid by providing access to justice to women and men belonging to disadvantaged groups. Core expertise and services offered by CSEPR includes analytics and data, community development, research methodology, monitoring, learning and evaluation (MLE), advocacy and awareness, education and training, policy analysis, project management and capacity building to governments, investors, corporates, humanitarian organizations, NGOs and elected bodies.

Our team consists of highly experienced and trained professionals with considerable experience of working worldwide on a wide range of projects and programs on social, economic and political issues. A number of other internal committees also facilitate the decentralized management of the activities of CSEPR.

CSEPR work is not possible without the support and funding from individuals, corporations, institutions, foundations and government agencies within India and abroad.