Political Research

CSEPR has primarily been involved in studying and understanding the democratic and electoral politics of India through sustained empirical work. We are one of the few Indian organisations to venture into the field of election studies and surveys i.e. opinion poll and exit poll. CSEPR has conducted almost all national elections and several state elections that have taken place in last five years. In addition to these, it is also conducting several theme-based studies related to Indian politics and democracy and series of public opinion studies in India on a wide range of issues. We constitute one of the largest archives of social scientific survey data on political behaviour and attitudes. We always maintained neutrality while conducting studies.

Our political consultancy and research is unbiased and nonprofit driven, offering services in the area of campaign management. We enhances political campaign overall strategic goals. In delivering results, we rely on country knowledge, electoral laws, election regulations, political and cultural norms, traditions, familiarity of local conditions and regional and international strategies. We consistently delivering effective, impactful, innovative, intelligent and winning strategies and techniques that deliver results. CSEPR conducts research driven political polls and strategies with specialization in political communication, strategy, brand building, media marketing, campaign management, image management, conflict management, information channel management and political crisis management.

We provide independent and non-partisan, research support on policy to parliamentarians and legislators. CSEPR seeks to strengthen the legislative process by making it better informed, more transparent and participatory. We aims to strengthen the legislative process through research support, policy updates and workshops by interaction with policy experts and academician. We aim to increase public engagement in the legislative process on issues of national importance by engaging citizen in the policy making process. CSEPR has been able to build and deepen its engagement with legislators, media and citizen groups to strengthen the legislative process. We provide decision maker with comprehensive information on an issue and policy.