CSEPR works as CSR advisory and training organisation. Through our network of CSR experts, advisors and partners, we advise clients in promoting transparency, sustainability and accountability in CSR. We are committed to providing an environment where our stakeholders have the opportunity to achieve their potential, are highly engaged and are empowered to deliver exceptional CSR practices and services. We suggest steps to develop a CSR strategy and policy and identify the key building blocks for initiating and developing the CSR programs. We make key choices that required to be made while pursuing CSR objectives and develop an organisation that is socially sensitive and responsible. Keeping the community as the nucleus, we aim to “Engage, Enable & Empower” the marginalised in the urban & rural part of the India. We aim to create a model of sustainable development. We focus areas where need is the greatest.

Team has extensive experience in offering research and advisory services in the following areas.